Smashbox Always On Babe Alert Matte Liquid Lipstick – 2022

Are you looking for a long-lasting liquid lipstick that won’t budge? Then, Smashbox Always on Babe Alert is your new go-to! This matte lipstick comes in various shades and gives coverage throughout the entire day. Please keep reading for our review of this product, or head over to the Smashbox website to purchase it for yourself!

It is the latest liquid lipstick release from Smashbox. It comes in a sleek, black box tube with silver letters. The formula is described as “a unique lipstick that stays up to 8 hours and doesn’t smudge.

What is Smashbox Always on Babe Alert Lipstick?

Smashbox Babe Alert (Always on) is a matte liquid lipstick with all-day wearability. Smashbox made this matte lipstick for those who want a comfortable lipstick that lasts day over. It has a highly matte texture that enhances the attractiveness of your lips. There’s no need to worry about reapplication because it won’t smudge or dry. As it has a smoothing formula, anyone will want this product. It comes in a variety of shades to suit your every need! Smashbox Babe Alert is one of the best matte lipstick of Smashbox.

My Thoughts of Smashbox Always On Babe Alert

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick - Babe Alert Women Lipstick


I was so excited to try out Smashbox Always on Babe Alert because I love liquid lipsticks. And, my beautiful ladies, did this product not disappoint! The formula is fantastic – it’s pretty deep, dries quickly, and stays so long. I wore it for a full-day program, and my lips remained flawless. I will recommend this item to people who are looking for long-lasting lipstick! It is filled with primer oil complex and hyaluronic acid that keeps your lips hydrated for long. In addition, its waterproof formula ensures that your lips will be gorgeous all day! Smashbox Babe Alert is definitely worth the price. It’s a rich and high-quality liquid lipstick that works exceptionally well. You won’t regret it!

Ingredients And Shades Of Smashbox Always On Babe Alert

Smashbox Always on Babe Alert comes in a range of shades to suit everyone’s needs. There are nude, pink, red, and even purple shades! The lipstick formula is Vegan and Cruelty-free. The ingredients of this matte are entirely harmless. 

The shades of Smashbox Always on Babe Alert are:

  • Boss Lady (mauve)
  • Shut Up and Kiss Me (berry red)
  • Just Peachy (warm peach)
  • Don’t Tell (deep berry)
  • So Fetch (terracotta)

Why to chose Smashbox Always on Babe Alert

Smashbox Always on Babe Alert is extremely long-lasting, and it doesn’t smash out. It lasts up to eight hours without smudging or drying out your lips. The matte finish is beautiful and makes your lips look so sexy. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t require any touch-ups throughout the day.

It does not flake into your lips even if you eat the color will stay up to 8 hours, isn’t it great? Many of its users took this positively because it has this quality. If you love to wear a matte lipstick that matches with every simple or gorgeous makeup, Smashbox Baby Alert is a must item for you. It’s affordable and beautiful at a time. What can be more impressive than this?

Pros and Cons of Smashbox Always on Babe Alert

To be honest, Smashbox Always on Babe Alert lipstick is a unique item. If you like matte liquid lipsticks, this is the one for you, and you would love this. It is a perfect lipstick for everyday makeup. Even if you want a natural look, it will help you create. The color range is also impressive, and it has a very soft texture. The downside of this lipstick is that the packaging isn’t as luxurious as other high-end brands. However, for the price you pay, it is undoubtedly justified!


  • It is long-lasting.
  • It has a Matte finish.
  • Rich with a hydrating formula.
  • Unique and variety of shades.
  • It is so budget-friendly.
  • The texture is wonderful.
  • Very smooth and pigmented.
  • It dries so fast and keeps moisturizer on lips.


  • The packaging is not that good!

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How to use Smashbox Always on Babe Alert Lipstick

Smashbox Babe Alert is so fun to use. Just line your lips with the applicator, fill in the rest of your lips, and wait for it to dry. Then, you’ll be good to go! You can use some bit of moisturizer after using this Baby Alert lipstick. Taking it out of the lips is as regular as other matte lipstick.

To wrap things up

Considering all the facts of Smashbox Always on Babe Alert, it is an amazing lipstick. It keeps your stunning look for a long time. It doesn’t have any harmful ingredients that can harm you anyway. The color range is also good. 

The only thing I can say about Smashbox Always on Babe Alert lipstick that I don’t like is the packaging much. I hope Smashbox changes it in the following versions. But, the lipstick is worth trying, and you’ll love it for sure! I hope this article will be helpful. You can tell us your opinion in the comment box!

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