5 Best Reddish Brown Lipstick Shades That Work Perfectly

Reddish brown lipstick shades are all the rage right now, and it’s not hard to see why. The colors look great on just about anyone! In this post, we’ll give you the five best reddish brown lipstick shades that work perfectly. They’re perfect for a night out or everyday wear–you’ll love them!

5 Best Reddish Brown Lipstick Shades

First, we’ll start with the L’Oreal True Match™ Crayon in “Warm Tint.” This reddish-brown lipstick shade is excellent for everyday wear and will look beautiful on all skin tones. It has a creamy formula that goes on smoothly without feeling heavy or dry–it’s perfect!

Next, we’ll talk about the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in “Red-Brown.” It is one of my favorite reddish brown lipstick shades because it has a satin finish. It’s also very pigmented and goes on smoothly, which I love!

Next up, we will mention Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in “Nude Red.” This reddish-brown lipstick shade also has a satin finish, and it’s very pigmented. It may look light at first, but you can build up the color to your desired intensity.

Next, we’ll talk about Rimmel London Kate Lipstick in “Redwood Nudes,” another one of the best reddish brown lipstick shades. It’s a matte lipstick, so it is very long-lasting. This reddish-brown shade also has a satin finish and goes on smoothly without any tugging or pulling at the lips.

Finally, we’ll mention L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Liquid Lipstick in “Nude Suede.” I love this reddish-brown lipstick because it goes on smoothly and doesn’t dry out your lips. It has a satin finish, which I prefer over the matte ones because they tend to make my lips look parched and patchy.

More Best Reddish-Brown Lipstick Shades: 

Rimmel London red Lipstick Shades


Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in “Redwood Nudes” is a tremendous reddish-brown lipstick with a matte finish and creamy formula. It has an intensely pigmented color that stays on without drying. 

L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Red Brown Lipstick Shade


L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Liquid Lipstick in “Nude Suede” is a satin finish, lightweight and moisturizing red-brown nude lipstick with a beige undertone.

Red Brown Lipstick Shade Ruby Woo

MAC Cosmetics Amplified Lipstick in “Ruby Woo” is a matte finish, deep reddish-brown lipstick with an amplified pigment and creamy texture.

Estee Lauder Red Brown Lipstick Shades


Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay On Lipstick in “Winey Wishes” is a satin finish red-brown nude color that I would wear to the office or on school days because it’s comfortable on my lips for hours.

Which Brown Lipstick Is Best?

I would say this is a matter of personal preference. There are many reddish-brown lipstick shades to choose from that work ideally for different skin tones and styles.

The L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Liquid Lipstick in “Nude Suede” is more of brown nude lipstick, and it’s the one I reach for when I want to go for an everyday look. Like this morning! It has a lightweight, moisturizing formula that keeps my lips feeling soft with a matte finish.

What Is The Difference Between Red-brown Lipstick And Reddish-brown Lipstick?

The reddish-brown lipstick is usually more ‘reddish’ as that’s the word we’re used to hearing for this kind of color.

I find it difficult to tell the difference between red and brown lipsticks in terms of how they look on my skin tone, but when I was researching shades online, some people said reddish-brown lipstick has a warmer undertone than red. It means they might have slightly different undertones, making them appear differently depending on what your natural skin tone looks like!

How Do You Apply These Kinds Of Colors?

You can either use a brush or an applicator like with glosses. The texture should be lightweight so it doesn’t dry out your lips, but it should be long-lasting and opaque.

I found that using a lip liner is the best way to make sure your lipstick lasts for as long as possible! You can also apply concealer on top of reddish brown lipstick shades if you need an extra layer of color or coverage.

Swirl your applicator around the bottom of the tube, and then work it onto your lips, starting at the center of your mouth. You can use something like lip liner if you need an extra layer of color or coverage! Don’t forget about exfoliating so that any dry patches won’t show through on top of your reddish-brown shades, and moisturize regularly, too – especially before bedtime – because this will help keep those chapped lips at bay.

What’s The Best Dark Red Lipstick?

  • Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick in Funny Face
  • Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Rebel Red
  • NYX Soft Matte Creamy Round Lipsticks in Stockholm and Antwerp
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina 

Who Can Wear Red Lipstick?

  • Anyone who wants to look more “done up.”
  • Women with fair skin tones or light olive complexions, as red lipstick tends to make them appear less washed out.
  • Anyone looking for a dramatic change in their makeup routine. 

What Are The Best Reddish Brown Lipstick Shades?

Depending on your skin tone, there are a lot of different colors that fit into this category! Here are five popular red-brown lipsticks to try:

We know it can be tricky figuring out which shade will work for you, so we’ve created a little quiz (coming soon) that’ll help match up your skin with some great pairing options. In the meantime, these should do just fine as starting points:

NARS “Aubade”

The nude pinky-peach hue is perfect for fair skin tones and gives off a sweet vibe without looking too natural or bare; it has vanilla undertones to pair well with any other lip color.

MAC “Bordeaux”

Reddish-brown with purple undertones; this is another universal shade that can apply on top of or as a base for any other lipstick and gloss; it has more red than plum, so it works well for every skin tone.

RIMMEL London “Ruby Woo”

This deep reddish-brown hue falls in the category of ‘your lips but better shades because you’ll get opaque coverage without being too bright; it provides staying power all day long thanks to its creamy texture.

L’Oreal “Craving Coral Rush”  

This coral pinky red shines brightest against darker complexions, giving off just enough color without being too bright.

What is My Favorite Reddish-Brown Lipstick Shades? 

I want to write about important things for me and what I’m passionate about, so this is a post where I talk about my favorite reddish-brown lipstick picks from brands like MAC Cosmetics and Rimmel London! So many lipsticks can make your lips look either too red or too brown, but these are the reddish brown lipstick shades that work perfectly.

I’ll start with my favorite reddish-brown lipstick pick from the drugstore: Rimmel London’s “Kate” shade. This warm, deep red is a classic color that applies wonderfully–it feels very comfortable on your lips and doesn’t bleed outside of your lip line as some other colors do.

My favorite reddish-brown lipstick pick from MAC Cosmetics: Ruby Woo! I love this beautiful bright red because it creates just enough contrast to give you an instant pop of color without going too overboard. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, try pairing this with a nude gloss or liner.

As far as how they wear throughout the day, these are all excellent options (though again — always remember to apply lip balm before you head to bed and throughout the day, as this will keep your lips hydrated). 

I would say that these are all good for at least a few hours without having to reapply. I don’t mind reapplying my lipstick every so often if it means that I’m getting more wear out of it! 

Does Red Lipstick Suit Everyone?

Yes, but the shade you choose does matter! My favorite red lipstick is MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo. It’s a bright reddish-brown hue that looks amazing against my skin tone (which tends to be on the lighter side) and makes me feel like I can take on anything.

I think we all know what it feels like when we wake up in the morning after having had too many drinks — those hungover days where your mouth tastes awful, and everything seems so much more complicated than usual. If you’re hesitant about wearing deep red shades because of this reason, try pairing them with a nude gloss or liner for a softer effect.

It will help keep any color from bleeding out of your lips onto your teeth while also making it easier to apply the lipstick evenly. 

A reddish-brown gives off a natural and subtle look that is perfect for daytime looks. Eyeliner can be used for a more dramatic effect. Reddish-brown lip color can provide a nice change from the standard red or pink shades that we often wear.


My favorite reddish-brown color is MAC’s “Mahogany” because it has more red undertones than brown, making me feel like we’re talking about something in between. It makes one application last longer and leaves room for other colors in your look if you want to switch things up after a while.

I hope some of these suggestions could be helpful when choosing your next lip shade! 

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