MAC Chili Lipstick – Top Quality Matte Lipstick

I’m thrilled to share my new Mac Chili lipstick with you. It’s just wow! I’ve always been a makeup enthusiast, and I just acquired an awesome piece of cosmetics. I’ve been using this lip color for a while, and I’m in love with it! It is a classy lipstick for real. The only downside to Mac Chili lipstick is that it’s not transfer-proof which can be problematic if you’re eating oily foods but overall, this lipstick is great! Let’s see this lipstick all over.

Mac Chili Lipstick, And Swatches

Mac Chili Lipstick comes in a range of beautiful shades and is perfect for any occasion. The color intensity is also not very high, so it can be worn daily without looking too done up. The lipstick has a smooth, creamy feel that doesn’t dry out your lips.  It also applies smoothly to the lips. It has a fantastic range of shades which are the colors for every woman. It is a deep brick red color with warm undertones and looks great on any skin tone.


I have used it for all my special occasions, and I can say that whether you are going to a party or to work, this lipstick is perfect for any event. It gives you a very pretty and natural look that lasts long. The color intensity is also not very high so it can be worn regularly. Mac Chili lipstick has the perfect creamy texture that does not dry out your lips. As I have fragile and sensitive skin, finding a lipstick that suits me the best is pretty challenging, but it was terrific for my skin.

My Experience With MAC Chili Lipstick

I have an amazing and beautiful experience with this lipstick. Let’s show you why!

  • Packaging

The packaging of the tiny version of lipstick is identical to that of the original. The brand is imprinted on a black tube. The significant difference is that it is much smaller than the actual lipstick.

  • Texture

The consistency of the tint is similar to that of a gloss, but it has a less glossy sheen. Its texture is so beautiful.

  • Shade

The shade is a deep brick red color with warm undertones and looks great on any skin. But it will look most beautiful on brown-skinned women.

  • Lasting power

The lipstick does not bleed or settle into fine lines, but it can quickly wear off if you eat oily. It stays on for about five hours, and then you will need to reapply it.

  • Transfer Proof

The formula is not transfer-proof; it transfers onto cups and napkins, which is a bit disgusting.

  • Finishing

As I’ve previously stated, Mac Chili lipstick has a smooth and creamy texture. However, in a few minutes, it transforms into a matte finish.

  • Moisturizing

Because of its thick texture, this lipstick is incredibly moisturizing. In addition, it does not cause the lips to dry out or settle into tiny wrinkles. It smooths your lips.

Pros of Mac Chili Lipstick

  • It is easily applicable
  • Its texture is very smooth, and its packaging is so decent
  • The hue is a rich brick red that looks fantastic on many skin tones.
  • It does not stain or settle into fine lines, and it remains in place for approximately five hours.
  • The shade is perfect for any occasion and gives you a pretty and natural look.

Cons of Mac Chili Lipstick

  • The lipstick is not transfer-proof and can quickly wear off if you eat oily food.
  • It transfers onto cups and napkins.
  • It also has a less glossy sheen.
  • It also doesn’t have a very high color intensity, so it can quickly wear off if you eat oily food.

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How To Apply Mac Chili Lipstick

To get the best application, you should start with a lip liner to help define your lips. Then, apply the lipstick with a lip applicator. The lipstick will help spread the color evenly and give you an even finish on your lips. Overall, I love Mac Chili lipstick and think it is the perfect choice for every woman. The color range is fantastic, and the texture is amazing. The only drawback is that it isn’t transfer-proof, but in general, I believe it’s a fantastic color!


Mac Chili Lipstick is a perfect choice for every woman. It has a fantastic color range, and creamy texture, and lasts long on the lips without bleeding or settling into fine lines. Although it is a super beautiful lipstick, it has some downside that I don’t like. 

It transfers food to the object, which is irritating—but considering all the sides, it’s a great lipstick to wear.

I would recommend it to anyone! I hope that this post has encouraged you to select the ideal lipstick for your lovely skin. Don’t forget to mention us to your friends. Let us know if you want to more about lipstick in our comment section.

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