Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick – Matte Finish By MAC

The Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick is the ideal lipstick for your cosmetics collection! It is a matte lipstick in a beautiful color shade. We’ll also discuss how it compares to other lipsticks on the market. It is a beautiful lipstick for any makeup collection!

The lipstick has an intense color and lasts for many hours. You may learn more about lipstick by reading our article! Let’s get this!

What Is Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick?

Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick is the perfect shade from MAC cosmetics. It is a part of the Mac Retro Matte Collection. It’s the perfect lipstick for makeup and adds some softness to your lip.

In addition, the lipstick is long-lasting and highly pigmented, so you’ll get great coverage with just one swipe. It has a purple hue and comes in a matte finish.

Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick – Matte Finish

Smoked Purple Lipstick by MAC is a gorgeous deep plum color with a matte feel. It’s perfect for the fall and winter seasons, and it goes with a variety of looks or outfits. In addition, it’s a moisturizing lip color that won’t irritate your lips.

It is, however, a little tricky to apply and can be streaky. Overall, it is a beautiful matte purple lipstick option for searching for something different.

Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick


Reasons To Choose Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick!

MAC lipstick is available in every variation of your favorite color and high-fashion texture to shade, define, and highlight the lips. The lipstick is quietly shiny and very creamy.

In addition, the mac smoked purple lipstick has intense color. That is why it is the perfect lipstick for every skin.

Some Specialties About Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick

Mac Smoked Purple is a great cosmetic enhancer that helps look your lips brighter than your teeth! It is soft, smooth, and ultra-moisturized lipstick. It has an intense color that pays off with a lot of pigment. There is no gloss, and the entire surface is matte.

The lipstick color is from rich material. It has a soft silky complexion with a semi-matte finish. Mac smoked purple comes in a lovely purple shade appropriate for any celebration. In addition, it does not dry out your lips. 

Features of Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick

  • The lipstick is designed to be used as a shader.
  • The color is dark purple lipstick which is most wanted.
  • It has a shiny color combination.
  • Its finish type is matte, and it has full coverage for your lips.
  • The lipstick’s weight is very light.
  • Lipstick is a creme foundation that gives vibrant color.


  • It is dark purple and has shiny lipstick.
  • The lipstick is permanent for its matte finish.
  • It is a non-sticky lipstick.
  • It doesn’t feather on your lips.
  • It doesn’t come off quickly.
  • Very soft on the lips.


  • The lipstick maybe a little dry. 
  • It isn’t easy to apply

How To Use The Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick

Clean your lips before applying the lipstick for a flawless and classy look. To achieve a more precise color, use a lip brush.

Lip liner is the most uncomplicated technique to apply matte lipstick perfectly. Mac smoked purple lipstick will give you the most fantastic impression on your lips. If you want a glossy finish, use your finger to apply the lipstick.


The lipstick has an intense purple color. When you want to wear something more profound and more dramatic in the fall and winter months, it would be a perfect choice! Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick can be the right picks for a fair skin tone.

It has a lovely sheen that makes your lips more glossy, and it lasts for a long time without drying out. So you can try the lipstick at least once. We hope you enjoy our review. You can discover more about us by reading our various lipstick articles. Thanks for reading!

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